You've heard of the Superman curse haven't ya? I doubt it's real, but poor old George Reeves killed himself and Christopher Reeve had that terrible equestrian accident.

I loved G. Reeves... great guy. Watched that series every day as a kid. On one of his episodes he had Chuck Connors !! (and his mule). BTW Connors name in the episode was Superman ! Those 2 hit it off pretty well. I also liked the 2nd Lois Lane (Noel Neill) better than the first (Phyllis Coates). Jack Larsen was a hoot, esp. the time he tried to play a Bogart type Private Eye ! He even had the lisp down !! laugh It was great Sci-Fi for the 50's !!

In fact coincidentally, yesterday was the 54th anniversary of Reeves' death. June 16th ! frown

David (OFI)