I think this will revive the Superman series like Batman Begins did Batman. I thought it was well done esp the fight scenes at the end. It's NOT perfect but better than we've seen since the original in 1977 and its first sequel (only decent other one). All others since then stunk ! I loved the flashbacks as a kid and him trying to find his identity and destiny. I hope they put more in future sequels. I was impressed with Crowe's part as Jor El... thought he was very good ! Kosner was good but Crowe stole the second major part. This was NOT a cheap movie to make - I think I heard it cost $200 million. Hope it does well this weekend.

I give it a 4.25 out of 5.0... maybe a 4.5.... somewhere in that ball park. grin
Anyone else impressed ?? (or not)

David (OFI)