After reading me go on and on about Australia
one might assume that it's due to my friendship
with a certain early member of this & that forum,

it's rather a matter of
'which came first, the platypus or it's egg'

I was already nutz about The Wonderful Land of Oz
years before having met the bearded farmer online.

Indeed, we'd already been watching Aussey Rules on
late (LATE) nite TV while guzzling Foster's Lager,
and even attempting at several junctures, to move
there.... luckily further research proved that the
climate there is FAR to Harsh for us soft Americans.

but over the years, I've found that the more I learn
about the country and people, the more fascinated
I am with our tough-as-nails brethren from downunnda.

Everything about them is at once Exactly the Same yet
Totally Different. The place is Endlessly Fascinting.