I'm not really sure of which is the proper forum
to ask my question in, inasmuch as it involves a
Software Update to iOS6, on my iPhone 3Gs, that's
affected my iCloud account.

I'd waited to this long before UpDating, hoping
that they'd have time to Iron All the Bugz Out,
but here I am trying to figure out WTH happened.


The update seems to have opened a flood-gate,
(most likely opened by default(?)) that filled my
entire allotted FREE Storage space in iCloud, 25Gs
where I'd NEVER Knowingly stored Anything At All! shocked

Apparently, the update Backed EVERYTHING Up to
iCloud without my explicit permission. frown

I was immediatly notified that "I needed to
Purchase MORE Storage"  it's already compromised
downloading from a Comcast Streampix APP

Whatever floodgate it opened, it took it upon
itself to back up stuff I'd NEVER have authorized!


That's actually my point...
...which is now stuft with crap I cannot access anyway!

...that I'm being prevented from using to download
to a features that I Should be able to utilize
until I PURCHASE Additional Parking for that
which I cannot even see, much less access


dumping iDisk has been a disaster AFAIC! frown


ANYWAY... My question is
Is there a way of VIEWING The Content of my iCloud
REMOVING Unnecessary/Unwanted Back-Ups?

Thanx in advance.