Glasses and lenses are the biggest rip off !! My wife worked for an optometrist in CA and they'd buy frames for <$5 a pair and sell for $100-200 !! Even the high $300+ frames cost them < $20 !! WHat a SCAM ! Buy a set on line for $15-20 !! And all that BS with coatings and crap... it's like running Rain-X over your car windshield. Takes <1 minute, 2-3 in cost, and they charge you an extra $20-25 !! What a load of sh ... caca!! grin

Get your Rx and buy on line. My son did and he got 2 pair for about $20 each. Works fine for him ! A regular eye service would have cost him 5-6 X that ! . . (and he got coatings etc too, but they charge an extra $1 for them, not $20 !)
David (OFI)