OH you are too damm FUNNY !! laugh laugh

Reminds me of a friend I had in HS who got an ad for "X-ray glasses" out of the back of one of those cheapie Marvel or Dell comic books. I think they cost $5-6 !! .... and the ad had a drawing of a guy looking through girl's dresses etc. So he orders them ! We told him it was a scam (rip off then); there's NO way they could sell x-ray glasses (safety problem) and esp for $5 !! But he wouldn't listen !

So about a week later they come in the mail (no UPS or Fed Ex then). They are a set of frames with cardboard in place of the glass. The middle of the cardboard "lenses" has a small hole in each and wedged between the layers of cardboard are some fine feathers! YES feathers ! So when you look through them the feathers kind of give you double vision ! So you look at your arm and you see your arm and a slightly smaller arm inside that one (X-ray !) laugh We razzed him for months over those !! What a maroon !!! wink
David (OFI)