If social security recipients are somehow or other lesser beings because they're on a form of "welfare," then anyone at all who has a retirement pension is in the same boat. But then again, at least in PA, that's what the wingnuts are saying about teachers, whose pensions are bankrupting the state. What no one remembers is that the very generous retirement system for state workers that teachers enjoy at present was instituted by our last conservative gov. before the current one, who wanted to give his equally conservative state congress and senate members a comfy retirement under the new system he proposed. Because the whole thing was for "state employees," the teachers came under the same provision. And what's really neat is that the state branch of the NEA warned that the new system would bankrupt the state. But the governor went and had it passed anyways. So now, naturally, it's all the teachers' fault, and the current conservative gov. is cheerfully cutting state funding to the schools to prevent the catastrophe. Jerk.

You might remember the gov. who did the dirty here in PA. The 1st secretary of Homeland Security, the honorable Mr. Tom (Brow) Ridge.

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