I wouldn't include SS recipients- they PAID for the SS to begin with. It's earned !!

The Welfare recipients - I dunno. Like Govt employees, but no retirement, no health benefits (unless also on Medicaid) and limited income. Welfare payments aren't much, unless they're double or triple dipping. BUT then to find that out, you need more Govt employees (oversight).

I think that's one reason the GOP likes to cut Govt jobs, so the whole system collapses and they can whine about the whole Govt being worthless... except for DOD and sticking our noses in every crap hole in the world for which we pay Giga bucks and have little to show for it. Other countries spend 20 X LESS, and I don't see them being overrun with terrorists ! So we're getting very little from it IMO !!
David (OFI)