That 9 Billion Bucks is "Chump-Change"
(a single PALLET of Walking-Around-Money)
compared to the rest of the TRILLIONS
that have gone up in smoke.

But what really sticks in my craw is the
irreplaceable artifacts Pilfered/Destroyed
by these freaking Neanderthals.

Yeah yeah yeah... I get it... We're taught
to "Dehumanize Our Enemy" Desensitizing
ourselves to essentially committing murder

but consider that Iraq/Mesopotamia/The
Fertile Crescent/The Cradle of Civilization,
is an essential part of OUR Makeup. OUR
HISTORY... The History of Civilization!

...and these arsewipes were parking their
tanks and heavy equipment atop known
archeological sites, and laughing about it!

9 Billion Dollars don't even scratch the
surface of what's been lost. cry