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There are many taking sides in this debate that collection of metadata is the tryannical Big Brother regime. (These people need to get a grip.)

In and of itself, this program may not be Big Brother, but it sure is a huge step in that direction. You may or may not trust the Obama administration to not abuse all that information just sitting there waiting to be accessed, but what about future administrations? Or more likely, some mid-level government worker bee with issues of some sort and just enough access and smarts to start playing with the data? Judicial review and "safeguards" only work if people play by the rules (and if everybody did, then there wouldn't be programs like this in the first place ;-) It's the people who ignore those rules that we have to worry about -- and given the past history of some administrations, that's a very legitimate concern ...

Reality check:

Digital records of every digital transaction are not going to disappear, whether it's government or private corporations.

There will always be criminals in government and contracted workers.

No matter the safegaurds, someone will hack it.

Judicial oversight does not have to be a rubber stamp for 100% of warrant requests.

Legislated regulations must be enforced.

Congress does need to be filled with idiots who ignore their legislative responsibilities and act only for political gain.

The media will ignore history and fact, sensationalize any story and be politically influenced.

How does our country begin to fix this? Seems step #1 is paranoia (and we may be stuck here for a while)