That IS a valid point... more outsourcing than ever before... However I don't know what those # are. The Govt. gives a contract and the contractor decides how many to hire or not hire. I have seen at CDC that outsourcing claims to be cheaper, but it actually costs more** and many times results in undesirable outcomes. It does have the advantage that the Govt can cancel at any time, though there is usually an extra cost for that too. I believe it's being grossly overused. Again, as Steve said - Congress provides for those deals.

**Think of this - the contractor builds in profit to the total cost whereas the Govt does not.

CDC example: when I got there in 1989 there was a "mom and pop" outfit (small business) running the cafeteria. In the early 1990s, some yahoo decided to give it to a bigger contractor - the place has never been the same since. In fact right as I was retiring in Aug 2012, they had to shut it down for months "because of vermin" !! And the food has NEVER been as good as with the original even though they've gone through 5-6 contractors since then. I just loved paying higher prices for inferior food..I only ate breakfast there and occasionally lunch if we had visitors. So much for contractors!

David (OFI)