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When it comes to abuse of people, my concerns are that: a) by the time something becomes evident to the average Joe it'll be too late or too ingrained ("what's the big deal? This has been going on for years") to roll-back; and b) the incremental erosion of Constitutional rights becomes so subtle -- we can live with a little infringement here and a little erosion there -- that one day we may wake to realize we effectively have very few of them left ...
Another aspect of the US experiment is the question of how far to trust the government in a system developed pretty much explicitly on the notion that governments cannot be trusted. On a practical level there of course has to be a certain amount of trust or the system won't work at all. But "just trust us, safeguards are in place and everything's fine" is pretty much as anti-American an attitude as you can get.
Or are we on an inexorable path where the populace is apathetic enough in their relative comfort and distraction -- or alternatively, in their dealing with the increasing wealth imbalance and just trying to make ends meet -- to not really care?