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Edward Snowden worked for the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton for 3 months, ending May 30. Glenn Greenwall has said he started working with this informant in February.

Sounds to me more like espionage than journalism.

What also is incredibly scary is the realization that thousands of private defense contractor firms control the flow of information, and how seemingly easy it was to let an operative with dubious intentions gain security clearance and access to all of it.

They should absolutely throw the book at this guy -- and at anyone who may have aided and abetted him, even if they're a "journalist" (just because you may be a member of the Fourth Estate, you don't get a free pass to suborn possible espionage). Obviously, I agree with Gary on this one -- nothing he leaked was proof of anything illegal or of any wrongdoing. (As a note -- even if those leaks did provide such evidence, he *still* should be prosecuted -- he broke the law either way. The latter case would merely provide mitigating circumstances at the sentencing).

Anyways, simy disagreeing with established US law doesn't give one license to break it ...