The Republican majority of both houses of the 109th Congress gave Bush the power of the Patriot Act to conduct data mining under the FISA court, and immunity to all of the telecommunications companies that he had previously abused his power to avoid FISA Court Warrants. [etc., etc.]

Yes. All the Republican's fault. Thank goodness the Democrats repealed all that authority once they took control of Congress. Oh ... wait ... Also: Reauthorized in 2011. Those darn Republicans =P

With the support of both parties, the government has actually been exercising the lawful powers Congress has given it -- that's not the scandal. The scandal is that it's lawful in the first place, which only now through these recent revelations are people awakening to. Of course the right nutwings are going to use this to blame Obama. But most of the concern I've seen isn't with the president, but that the government has such powers legally --big revelation to them, but that's a good thing.

To sweep this away by saying "well, it's been going on for years and is legal" doesn't mean it's not something people should be paying attention to. And just because it's Obama carrying on the policies of Bush doesn't make it okay or even innocuous. Is it unfair that it's under Obama's watch that people are upset? Perhaps. But that's part of the job and Barry is more than capable of wearing the big-boy pants and dealing with that.

Both right- and left-wing hacks are going to try to take advantage of these revelations, but the silver lining is that hopefully this now sticks a little bit more in the public eye and something can be done to remedy the excesses ...