That was a nice video Celandine. I downloaded it. I did a search on YouTube also but yours is the best one!

My cat gets docile when I hold him by the scruff of his neck like his mama use to do. Works great when I give him is petromalt for hairballs.
Lucky me, my cat just loves raw tuna which I give to him as a treat = no biting for 24 hours.

He's taking his deep nap right now-on his side w/legs curled & tail curled around body. When he wakes up, I am going to try the holding over the eyes/cheek thing. Ain't no way, am I going to get him to lay on a blanket long enough for me to wrap him in it w/one hand - the other holding him by the scruff of his neck. He weighs 18 lbs at 5 yrs old. All muscle. laugh