THANK YOU DLC!!!!! You de MAN! laugh

My 100% house cat meows all the way to vet, meows in the waiting room & still meows when in the examining room. Since he's a biter, the vet has to keep him under a fish net. It's so embarrassing. Especially, since he's been bitten twice by my cat. blush
The few times, I've boarded him, the folks there tells me his meowing lasts a full week. They all know when he calms down because he starts giving every cat handler "love bites." mad

I'm only moving across town. However, I was concerned that during moving day with the movers coming in & out of the house, he would become so stressed out he would have a heart attack. My cat does not take kindly to strangers. He almost always hides some place. Otherwise, he goes on attack mode. mad
I know it will take him a long time to get use to the new place. What I had planned on doing was putting all his favorite things in one corner of the room till he gets use to the place.

At first, he vet said he will give me something to calm him down. When I reminded him who I was, the vet was like, "you're going to need something stronger. I got just the thing. He'll be knocked out for approximately 8 hrs." laugh