No, actually I didn't miss the point, andi understand exactly. I was giving my experience. But as Steve mentioned other things were going on.

But the difference shown in three individuals was certainly telling. I would have liked, also, to have seen a segment showing a white a little less "screechy clean" .

I once heard or read of an individual applying over the phone for jobs. He was a linguist able to speak in different accents.

He used the same data on each, but used different accents, from Midwestern white, eastern, southern, African American, Hispanic.

He received quite different responses.

Also, he used different names. From Bradford, Manuel, Dashawn, to Jim Bob. Everything else the same even accent. Also got different reactions.

My point. People profile all the time. A guy walks in the door, we look him over and then we profile. It's natural. What we have to be careful is not treat people by our profiles.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time