After Ted's second heart attack, his boss insisted
that he return to work immediately, even though he
was on disability leave, when he gave in thinking
'that they NEEDED him', he dropped the disability
claim, and returned to work... two days later they
laid him off, leaving us in dire straits.

Now he's unemployed AND with a pre-existing
condition, after having lost the medical coverage
both from his ex-employer, AND from having lost
his disability claim, waiting for the next stress
related heart attack to take him out.

Turns out that the turd he'd felt sorry for (thus
returned to work early) had only called him back
then laid him off in order to cease the disability
insurance, because he's now done the same thing
to all the other older workers... trying to cut
his cost of paying rising health care expenses
for older workers that could potentially fall in
the traces (work-horse dropping dead in the field)

HEARTLESS SOB. All the guys were within a few years
of retirement. What do they have to look forward
Without warning they went from looking forward to
full retirement with benefits to trying to meet
their mortgage payments by cleaning tables at
McDonald's? frown

As Paulette was so fond of saying:
"What ken I say, Jac.? LIFE SUX ...Then You Die."

"Don't let the door hit you..." smirk

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