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EVERY person I know is scared of "Obamacare", and it hasn't even started yet.
Myself included.

Interesting. Please enlighten me. What is scary?
Supposedly it was going to lower rates, mine went up last June by 15%. This June is the next time they can raise it for me, we'll see what happens then.

Confidence isn't high.

Given much of the ACA doesn't even kick-in until next year, that's more the fault of the insurance companies trying to soak the public as much as they can before it does. ("Customers shouldn't be scared of their insurance companies; the insurance companies should be scared of their customers" ;-) ...

Anyways, my confidence about this whole thing is: wait and see. Doubtless the system won't work exactly as intended or anticipated -- things rarely do, especially ones this wide-ranging. OTOH, that the insurance companies are currently jacking up premiums while they can is more just more evidence that something needed to be done. We'll have to see if the ACA helps or not. If not, we'll try something else =)