While on vacation, my wife and I stopped by a local flea market between Wise and Pound, VA. Among the "vendors" were about a half dozen folks selling weapons from the back of their pickup trucks. I only saw one Bushmaster and it was in a locked display case. 99% of the weapons were single shot rifles and shotguns - mostly 22s and a couple of 30.06s; 410 gauge and a couple of 12 gauge. I even saw several bolt action 22s like the one my dad had and I've fired a few times. Up there in the hills and hollers, you do need something to defend against marauding wildlife and snakes and the occasional drug runner and ne'er do well. I don't see any way that that kind of weapons selling can be adequately controlled without a police presence at all outdoor flea markets/yard sales. That could get to be very expensive. In addition, since the overwhelming majority of weapons I saw for sale were not crowd killers, I don't really think that controlling those is a high priority in rural areas. It seems that high capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons are an urban problem rather than a rural "problem."