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The Genesis story has it's fans pretty divided from the Gabriel and Collins years. When Collins first took the lead after Gabriel's departure he tried hard to keep it Gabriel-inspired for the next few albums, specially on live performances of the earlier material. When I saw them on tour following the Duke album, Collins was singing as himself and not Gabriel.

...much the same as fans who are still divided
between Roger Waters & "Pink Floyd" ... yeah...
Dave "won" the rights to the name, and the screens
etc... but he couldn't write fer shyte. :P

(at least in my slanted opinion) The Roger fans
have little patience for Dave's "Moon, Spoon,
June, Swoon" smile lyrics after clinging to the edge
of your seat listening to Roger "bring the world
to the edge of disaster" eek cry time and again.
(maybe that's just a wee bit intense for some (?))

Same Same for Gabriel vs Collins...

Collins did a concert.... Gabriel put on a show!
Peter Gabriel is more than a writer/singer,
he's a performance artist. You don't "see him"
you "EXPERIENCE Him" it's almost a religious
experience, very palpable and emotional, like any
REALLY Good "Old Time Revival Meeting Tent Show"

**I saw both those shows