having the available safe-rooms locked can also
defeat the purpose...
...or answer the question as to;
WHY The Sirens Sound So Far In Advance...
...and what to do once they do sound...

The guy with the keys had better get "Off & On"
and "Ho" his arse down to the shelters to unlock
the doors, and make any last (15)minute
preparations to get as many people as possible
inside without panic.

My point was that this same mind-set of;
"ALL or NOTHING At ALL!" against the argument
of gun control regulation OR climate change is
Wrong-Headed. Granted NOTHING Is Perfect, nor
can not be improved upon over time.

We do what we can do the best we can do it under
existing circumstances, and make adjustments to
improve upon them as we go.

INDEED! "What Else CAN We Do?"
...Sit on our hands whining about Taxes and the Cost
of doing whatever can be done to change the way
"..things have always been done in the past"?