In my opinion, if one is to be a reporter, he needs to report, not embellish or make judgements.

But, of course, these guys are not reporters, they are the "star" of their own entertainment show, much like "two and a half men". But instead of using trash as their gimmick they use news topics. Not any different tham Bill Maher, who use news humor.

They are mostly alike: Chrs Mathews, Rachel Madow, Piers Morgan, Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity, Martin Bashir, all trying to get ratings to earn their ridiculous salorys which in some cases are in the millions.

This is my opinion. I tend not to watch them.

But then, others, watch them believing they are getting the news, slavering on everything their favorite splats out.

And they can be entertaining, at times. Shucks, in the car, driving I've even listened to Rush Limbaugh, and G. Gordon Liddy and even that guy who host those UFO and alien weirdos . Just for kicks

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time