I know some of us don't live in "tornado alley" but some of us do. What I've seen in the past few years is a conundrum of sorts.

Consider Sunday evening. The tornado sirens sounded in my town. I live in a slab house ( house built on a concrete slab with no basement or crawl space). There is a so called shelter two blocks from me ( elementary school cry). I had my 86 year old brother and his feeble blind wife staying with me.I am not able to get to it in 15 minutes.

I rode it out as I've done several times. Just put my shoes on and watch

The weather station said there was a storm capable of producing tornados 8 miles south and 6 miles west of me heading in a northEAST direction at 50 mph. You do the vectoring and math.

This is what is happening. About a half dozen times each year this situation comes up. They blow the siren. No tornado. Again and again it has happened. Often enough that folks are starting to ignore the sirens.

Back in 2010 I was coming back from Chanute KS , 20 miles south and a bit west of me , returning from a chemo treatment. Bad weather in the north. Right over my town of Iola Ks. As I drove into town the sirens were blazing. I was in my car just out side of town soi looked for the funnel . None. Bad clouds though. Driving into town to my house, I saw folks doing regular stuff. Getting gas, getting food at fast food joints, walking on sidewalk. I saw no hustle bustle one might expect with a tornado looming. Remember, this is eastern KS people know what tornadoes an this was after that town of Greensburg was wiped off the map.

To me, I think they should only blow the siren if one is spotted not if "one may be produced ".

But, I also know that they would catch hell if a tornado came and they didnt sound. So they sound them just in case.

I just heard that on the one in Moore, the siren sounded "only 16 minutes before the tornado was produced"

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time