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The Media's Take If Romney Had Won...

...the media would be rife with stories about how the economy has improved, unemployment has dropped, the deficit is shrinking faster than ever, how the CBO just said that the deficit problem is basically solved for the next 10 years, that housing starts are up, how healthcare costs are dropping and are projected to continue to drop dramatically in the future, and that the stock market is at a record high - and all because the country and the world has a renewed sense of confidence since the Kenyan despot was sent packing from the WH, and a conservative businessman was back in charge of the country's well being and future.

The headlines would read, "The Country was ready for a change, and boy, they got change!"

The developing story would be, "Renewed prosperity portends Democrat wipeout in 2014, 16."

Of course, all of the above is true and is happening (except for Romney winning...and that D wipeout), but Obama is still president, so the media doesn't feel the need to talk about the above so much.