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Yeah... Geddys voice is really shrill now. Amazing that fans don't care though. I saw him a couple of years ago and the crowd was mixed.. and he wasn't hitting the high notes. No one cared.
I think their power lies more in the music and those Yes-like mystical lyrics...
And the fact the lead singer (sole) singer plays bass... how many bands does the lead singer play bass?
Also, how many bands does the drummer write most of the lyrics?

And they sure put out a lot of sound for a 3 dude band.

Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) Plays bass, wrote the
lyrics and does everything including the stage sets.
...Pink Floyd eventually ran out on him because
his drive toward perfection-ism made them CRAZY!
..so yeah... now he's the Lead Singer as well!
("Roger Waters & The Bleeding-Heart Band")

My Fave Jon & Vangelis song

lol just recalled;
seeing Dear Old Roger do "THE DARKSIDE TOUR"
at an out-door concert in New Jersey.
we were all waiting for the concert to start
...waiting ..waiting...waiting... WTF???

The MOMENT The FULL MOON Broke the Horizon
Roger broke into "DARK SIDE of The MOON"

lol gotta' love him or run for the exit screaming!