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"No one should have that much money."


Amen here too, Al. Winning would wipe out ones life as they know it before winning. Sure, I need lots of repairs to my home, the foundation, new electric, new plumbing, security system, kitchen remodled, etc. But -- why bother? Just get a new home. But, but, but I love this home. Memories are here.

A couple of new cars? I don't go anywhere, nor do I want to. Get a gardener? Now that change I could live with wink

I'd need a fence around my place, a business manager, and all the requests for donations would drive me crazy.

I'd give my kids big bucks and ruin their chances at living a normal life a learning things that trials and tribulations bring one.

A whole lot of other reasons too. All that doesn't stop me from buying a ticket now and then. Boggles the mind!