The Phelps group

Hadda' look that up.

What wood-pile did they crawl out from under?

Spooky story time:
I was killing time until an appointment (?) in a cemetery
nearby. In the center was a flagpole, arranged like spokes
was a ring of graves of the young men from that town
who'd died in action during the Viet Nam Police Action.

As I made the perimeter of the ring, I noticed that one
of the flags that had been placed there on Memorial Day
had come out of the dirt and was lying on it's side at
the head of the grave, so I picked it up and stuck it back
in the soil, and continued walking the circuit.

That's when I noticed that they were all from Kearney, NJ
yeah the same one in da' Sopranos...
By then I'd completed the circuit, and noticed the same
flag lying on the ground again, so I stuck it in again, and
noticed the date, 1969...same as the one next to it...and
the next!

I walked around the circle again, back to where I'd begun...
and noticed the flag again lying in the dirt. I shoved it deep
into the ground and read the date again... May, 1969,
same as the one next to it... OMG
they'd ALL been killed within a week of each other. frown
I saw the flag again on the muddy ground and this eerie
sensation flooded through me, I just backed toward my
car and left. frown