I'm sure Steve can attest that there's just no way to simply stumble
from the E6th St Slums into the once affluent narrow winding back
streets of that area without INTENDING TO GO THERE for whatever
purpose one has in mind.

Those back streets are still lined with the Turn-of-the-century
Brownstone Townhouses once used by the Uber-Rich, during ‘the Gas-
Light Era’ who’d made the 3 hour (5-10 mile?) trip to "The City" for an
evening of Theatre & Fine Dining in mid-town, then to retire to your
Townhouse in the quiet section of town, rather than making the
dangerous nighttime journey ALL THE WAY back to Brooklyn or ‘ Jersey.

The dark windy streets that once accommodated the narrow one-horse
hacks (the Taxis of that by-gone age) many of which are still paved
with bare cobble stones, and lit only with Victorian Gas Lamps.

As time went by, and NYCity soared into the sky, along with the
soaring rents...that area remained more or less frozen in time, drew
the Bohemian cafe crowd, artists, artisans, and musicians, while the
rest of the world moved on.

Eventually the Bohemian atmosphere that fosters total acceptance,
accepted the gay folk looking for a place where they could “just be
left alone” in which to congregate and be as free to be themselves
as the Italians on Mott St or the Orientals down on Canal St.

That jerk is nothing more than a predatory animal who strapped
on his concealed weapon that night and went out on the prowl.