Believe it or not
I picked that baby up in a yard sale almost 30 years ago.
The sword & scabbard are a matched numbered set, and
that German steel holds a razor edge. wink
Very much like a cutlass in length and heft it's definitely
made more for 'chopping' rather than 'stabbing' in close
quarter jungle fighting as yours is for on or below deck.

The staff was a found object that I cleaned up.
Some fool had sawed down a sapling to burn as firewood.
Not only was it wet wood, but American Hornbeam to boot.
No way was it going to burn, so they sawed off the branches
and used it as a fire poker. Dint poke much fire judging by
the scorched LOGS left behind, so the poker came home with
me to season into a 1st rate quarterstaff for the last 20 years.

Hornbeam is tough, usually reserved for hoe handles and such.
by the weight I imagine it'll leave a considerable part in your hair. wink