Well it's looking like this will fizzle out. Coming home from the Dr., I was listening to Congressional testimony.
1. The current IRS commissioner was appointed by GW Bush. So that nixes the idea this originated with Obama.

2. The previous IRS Commissioner Shulman was also appointed by Bush. So this breaks the idea of a "liberal conspiracy" to target the Tea Party.

3. The IRS gets >70,000 requests each year and the office that handles this is staffed by 150-200 people... that's 350-400 cases / employee/ year... can you say short staffed ?

4.From testimony, this appears to be an error due to triaging the huge number of applications coming in. Just like in medicine, they take the most obvious and lump them together. This may be one of many tea party applicants appeared in the same pool. It was not conscious political targeting, but just the way the rules for triaging were applied.

5. Many administrators in the IRS were unaware of the details this is coming out in Congressional testimony. So if they did know, how would Barack Obama know?

This is all going to be an empty-handed witch hunt which will put more egg on the face of the GOP. laugh True, things need be corrected; but there wasn't any covert conspiracy by the Obama administration. I think Charles Krauthammer was right and they should've backed away from this until I got ALL the facts. But they are so rushed to judgment and to find anything to condemn Obama. ... and it's always the worst thing next to the apocalypse. How many times can they cry wolf?

The same is happening with the Benghazi investigation; it looks like there maybe been a dispute between the State Department and the CIA, read turf wars. This was the same type of problem they had with tracking the 9/11 hijackers and was not corrected when home security was created. They should have lumped the FBI and CIA into one agency.

I just hope the GOP keeps digging the hole bigger and deeper! wink

David (OFI)