I think we should build more jails. Let the states do it cause if federal dollars go into it they'll have to raise taxes and that's impossible. But at the state level it's not a big deal. Just cut more from education--no one has ever proven that classes with 100 kids in them are less effective than ones with 20, after all, and think of the savings on teacher salaries alone! And clearly we need jails more than schools. Americans seem to be much more prone to breaking the law than almost any other people on earth. I'd say it was the result of all those convicts sent over from England in the 18th century, but then how do you explain Australia's generally law-abiding population? Nah--it's the American spirit. One man's law-breaking is another man's constitutional right to do what he wants when he wants where he wants with whomever he wants.

So either lets build more jails so we don't have the joke of people talking their way out of jail terms because the prisons are so crowded. Or lets just follow out the logic of the anti-gun-law folks, who say that there's no point in passing laws because outlaws will just continue to be outlaws. Get rid of all the laws and then no one will be an outlaw and so we won't need jails at all. Bunkers maybe, but not jails.
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