There is an assumption (AP's counsel recieved government letter but is unable to release it = Grand Jury summons) that AP reporters have been subpoenaed by a Grand Jury to find the source of the leaks . Previously, the FBI had subpoenaed records for 20 specific phone lines for these reporters, including the AP's phone in the House of Representatives press gallery. link.

Did a House member give AP classified information, someone in an Intelligence committee? I think that's where the investigation is headed.

Curious how the Romney campaign was instantly attacking Obama for leaks just as AP had originally reported the foiled terrorist bombing turning a national security victory into a political hit against the President.

Since Leahy called for the investigation . with no republican support ... I'm placing bets that this is going to get turned on its head. link Peter King (R-Asshat), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is mentioned a lot.

Of course, Fox Republicans are calling this an Obama scandal WORSE THAN WATERGATE!

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