Wow. Where to begin?

I think we may have taken some things different from the recent Boston Bombing.

That may be a candidate for understatement of the year ;-)

According to one report I heard they had over 3000 regular Boston police pulled away from their regular , though extremely important, duties for this.

The Boston Police Department doesn't even have 3,000 employees, let alone officers ... as of 2011, it had 2,181 officers, including academy recruits ... so I'm pretty sure they didn't gut their manpower at the expense of letting crime run rampant (see below) ...

Not to mention the national guard keeping the populace contained and businesses shutdown.

How, exactly, was the National Guard doing this? The "shelter in place" request was just that: a request. Many Bostonians went about their chores and many businesses remained open -- it's not as if the National Guard was on street corners enforcing a curfew ...

I wonder what crimes were being committed in other parts of the city while the police were pulled away. I wonder ended the at the time that crooks were busy.

According to
the number of incidents in Boston were:
April 15: 30 <--- day of the bombings
April 16: 23
April 17: 23
April 18: 30
April 19: 11
April 20: 38

April 19, when the "shelter in place" request was issued, saw 1/2 to 1/3 fewer crimes ...

Using April 17 as a benchmark, a week earlier on April 10 there were 30 incidents, and a week later on the 24th there were 33 -- so the number of crimes on the 17th was actually lower, although still in he same range. In short, crime didn't appear to spike during the week of the 15th ...

The populace, were more scared of the police .

Yes. All those folks cheering afterwards and the widespread regard for the police and the job they did certainly convey the fear Bostonians had of their police department ...

We new those guys were no further danger.

We did? Show me one reliable report at the time that said the two fugitives represented no danger.

They caught the guy hiding in a frikkin boat, for cripes sake.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing ;-)

Crap, the place was crawling with security people and they did nothing even though that's exactly what they were there for. Why didnt they notice that these two guys put heavy backpacks down and walk away from them? Isn't that what we've all been whipped up and scared up since 2001 to be looking for?

Because in an open and relatively uncontrolled environment with thousands of people, it's probably pretty difficult to keep tabs on what every single person is doing. I actually did wonder about one of the victims, who said he saw one of the bombers drop his pack and walk away, why he didn't tell an officer about this, but maybe there wasn't enough time ...


Anyways, yeah. You definitely saw things differently than at least I did ;-)