I think we may have taken some things different from the recent Boston Bombing. Like millions of folks, I watched the 24 hour news channels for those four days. At first I was wondering what was going to happen. If it was going to be escalating. (You can check my early post here about that). Concerned about the victims. And still am.

But then , what got me, was how the authorities reacted. To me, and I bet to many others, it came clear that the bombings were finished and that it was the act of a couple of individuals . Mostly amateurs then soon their names were discovered. The authorities went ballistic. It wasn't the bombers who kept the city terrorized, but the authorities, politicians . And the media keeping everyone stirred up while these two tried to hide. According to one report I heard they had over 3000 regular Boston police pulled away from their regular , though extremely important, duties for this. Not to mention the national guard keeping the populace contained and businesses shutdown. I wonder what crimes were being committed in other parts of the city while the police were pulled away. I wonder ended the at the time that crooks were busy.

Then we watched the police doing forced searches of the Boston populace. Pulling folks outof their homes at all hours of the night. The populace, were more scared of the police . We new those guys were no further danger. They caught the guy hiding in a frikkin boat, for cripes sake.

And the politicians: they were salivating over this like like a junkyard dog over a week old pound of rancid pork.

As for having some one with a gun shooting them when the first laid the bombs. There were prolly a few there with CCW but without any direct danger they wouldn't have done anything. Crap, the place was crawling with security people and they did nothing even though that's exactly what they were there for. Why didnt they notice that these two guys put heavy backpacks down and walk away from them? Isn't that what we've all been whipped up and scared up since 2001 to be looking for?

As for my getting a background check on my guns. It's not much of a bother for me, as I bought them from a dealer as do the vast majority of gun buyers do. This "gun show loophole" is just a crap topic. The 40% that is spouted by the politicians is so bogus. It is from a lame survey some 20 years old and at that was closer to 35%. Most people who looked at recent info say its around 10%. I'm not concerned about the current procedures but of the additional procedures. None of which would have stopped the bombers or any significant effect on crime or gun accidents. It's all political. Gives the politicians something for their creds instead of actually accomplishing anything to really help this country.

Okay, I'm done

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time