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I haven't read the latest on the incident this morning. I don't know exactly what happen. From what I read earlier there might have been three individuals shooting. We're they shooting at each other? Were they targeting each other specifically? Meaning, did one or more of them go there for that purpose? Was one trying to prevent the other from harming others? I don't know.

As for having armed citizens, it's not about the number of people being armed its more about having them trained and practiced. One of the big decisions when confronting a bad guy is determining if one can help the situation, not make it worse. Most traing classes stress the teaching of this. I haven't taken it yet so I dont personally know how effective it is. Evidently it is as there are extremely few, I mean rare, that a CCW holder gets in a gun battle.

And, one must have practice with it. It's a must, IMO.

I hope they get to the bottom of this. I'm sure they will.


Sooo... let me understand this. You are OK with classes to train gun owners. Just not a background check to make sure the person taking the class didn't obtain his gun in an alley? Do you really think that person will be taking classes?

As far as being able to determine if you can help... I think you only have a split second to make that choice... and with the stress of gunfire and people being shot at... I'm willing to bet that a huge portion of the time the wrong decision will be made.
It took us quite a while to figure out what happened with recent mass shootings and the Boston Bombings, etc... much less figuring it out while it's happening. I think you would need very specific and intense training to get to that point... so now we are walking around "para-militarized" and locked and loaded.
Sorry Dave....I detest the world you guys are portraying. Everyone packing. Makes me sick.