OK... You struck a nerve, now deal with it...

Reboot once called me during a tangle
for being "UNhippy-like" to which I replied,
"Don't ever try to pigeon-hole me!"

Now allow me to elaborate:
"San Fran Hippy" = all Peace & FlowerPower
"N.Y.City Hippy" = A Much Tougher Breed.

I said I never made it to Woodstock because
I'd "stayed home to hold down the fort"...
"THE FORT" the Digger's Free Store in the
Bowery. I was easy to pick out, I was the
cute one with the big boobs, and a shotgun
across her knees guarding the 13-17 y.o.
run-away kids left in her charge.

I'm still not "gun-shy", in fact I went on
to TEACH Marksmenship to our Scout Group.

I was elected "The person you'd least want
to be running away from in a fire-fight." grin

That Sed: I don't want guns in our household
...even though I'd have no problem with the
background check...
For the same reason, a matter of Self-Policing
just like I never allowed myself to do HARD
Drugs (because I KNOW I have an addictive
personality) I won't allow guns in our home
because I KNOW I have a "Hair-Trigger-Temper".

but given certain situations,
if it came down to it, I'd be the person you'd
most want to "have your back" if necessary.

and yes, I can lay my hands on assault weapons
with 100 round drum clips at a moments notice.
...but they're better off where they are... whistle