Flame bait? No not really. If this does get politicall, I hope it gets moved over to the Soap box.

I mentioned the Ruger as I have been researching a smaller concealable weapon and was looking at this one specifically. Handguns have been rather hard to find in many shops. Especially ones that seem to be designed job specific. The LC380 is the same size as the popular LC9 which is in 9mm but because of the round, has a snappy recoil. The .380 is a good match for the weight. And because its a single stack, only holding 7 rounds, it is thin making it nicer to conceal.

Some guns are rather easy to find, like glocks which haven't been changed much in 20 years and are totally reliable.

Two other guns I was interested in were the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield which is extremely hard to find and has waiting times I'm months. Also there is the Ruger SR22, which is chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge. The .22 round gives guns fits as ammo in that cartridge is unreliable in many models of guns. But the SR22 seems to handle them all very well. Also it shoots great and is not expensive. So since .22 ammo is cheaper, fun to shoot.

Me, I want to get into it more.

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