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That was the point, MrB.

The women are the ground, essential but passive.

"The Ground"...
yeah... like DIRT Under Their Feet

and "Passive"
uh huh as in "Passive or DIE!"

I don't recall them dragging the cheatin' SON of a Beach
with whom that WOMAN who Jesus saved from STONING
was found committing Adultery WITH for Public Execution!

Patriarchal Theology?
LOL... 'Make Mine Vanilla!'
It was all a crock o' doo doo!

Especially that "DOMINATION"
Over everything they survey, pucky

Not Altogether Certain...
...but I'm willing to bet that
The All Powerful Schmuck don't "do" "Do-Overs"

Bring Back the Feminine
"Mother Earth" Theologies
we'd have been all the better for it.