I just bought a 256GB crucial M4 SSD, switched with my existing HD and use CCC to copy basically everything from my HD (except the extra photos and movies) and used up about 98GB out of 256GB. When I start the machine, it takes 30 sec. for the apple icon to show up and after I choose the user and type the password, finally it clocked at 50 sec. by the time I reach the desktop. I did saw quite a few people test drive their SSD on youtube and mostly reach the desktop at 25 sec. at the most.

I then test the browser and went to different sites, and run Adobe Illustrator, both run faster than before, when I turn off the Mac, it also goes out fast. So I wonder if it is normal for a SSD to take 50 sec. to reach the desktop coz It seems awful long to me.

Any chance I copy the wrong files, missing something during the data transfer, or mass up the procedures? Any suggestion is really appreciated.


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