Y'all got my feeling on it. Just having fun. I know that folks make light of those who have self relegated restrictions like vegans and vegetarians. I really don't know the difference and that's my failing. Some don't want to harm animals some believe their bodies are better for not eating animal flesh and by products. That's okay with me.

I haven't been in the position to alter my meal planning for guests who were strict that way. But I do have friends and relatives who won't eat certain foods.

My son in law doesn't want to eat pork. Not for religious reasons but for perceived health reasons. But he eats ham i think. Me, I love pork. Their family only eats the white meat of poultry. They just throw the rest away, that is if they don't just buy white meat. My daughter has never liked raw tomatoes . Not even as an infant. We could never even bribe her to eat them. She would skip her favorite desert if she had to eat one tomato slice. But she never complains when served a salad containing them. She just picks them out.

This would be and is my peeve. That those who restrict their own diets want others to do the same.

Me, I'm a definite carnivore . I had a porterhouse steak last night. It wasn't good. It was overly seasoned and was full of gristle. But the salad I had with the meal was excellent. Oh Sigh!

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time