Not that misery loves company...but...

Recent findings indicate that cancer has become all-but
inevitable, and as such it's no longer "if" but "when".

Seems that it's a matter of aging.... that statistics
are rising not only because our population has become
longer lived than previous ones that had simply passed
sooner from something else before cancer would have
eventually caught up with them, but due to
Environmental pollution (food additives, cleaning
products, insecticides, work related chemical exposure,
+ a sedentary, yet increasingly stressful "easy modern
lifestyle") has merely exacerbated the situation.


I would have argued the point then & there but rather
than rise to the bait, I figured, "Why Bother?"
but for the record... Yes, it's "FAIR GAME"!

While it may seem insensitive and ill-timed, as one-of-
many citizens in my town who grew up & went to school
within close proximity of a Super-Fund Site

IMO Perry and his blustering DE-regulation for the sake
of short-term financial gain, not to mention suggesting
that other states should follow suit, is unconscionable!

Not only is that BillBoard "FAIR GAME" to serve as a
reminder to others of the consequences, but that cartoon
Backward! he sees it every time he looks in a mirror.

and before everybody jumps on my case, have a look at
that EPA Super Fund list, and see how many of YOUR
towns (and school districts) are on it.