It's all BS distraction - sure some mistakes were probably made... tell me Bush had a perfect record with 9-11 and the anthrax attack of 2001 !! But the Dems didn't initially go into attack mode... yes years later questions arose , esp. after invading Iraq... but in the many months following these attacks, Dems pulled with the GOP and the country.

And to compare this to Watergate is a BIG . . S T R E T C H !!
BO and H. Clinton may have misjudged the situation- tell me a President who's been perfect in that ??
Carter misjudged Iran; Reagan performed illegal acts in Iran Contra; B. Clinton misjudged Somalia; Bush misjudged 9-11, anthrax attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, AND the housing / mortgage lending crash ... so this is nothing compared to those !! Tempest in a teacup !! same as the Boston bomber BS !!

The GOP doesn't want to do CRAP to help the country or the working man so they come up with this diversionary BS !! That's all it is !
David (OFI)