I saw 3 of them
& yep, there are people "like that".

Having not lived a very sheltered life, I've roomed with the Flat-Mates
From HELL on several levels, from communes in the '60's, college
roomies in the '70's and housemates in the 90's

I've found when you're thrown together with people with whom you
don't have a bond with, either by love or kin, you never know what
you'll come home to from one day (or night) to the next!

Mostly it's just little stuff, that gets under your skin...
People who “borrow” your stuff, eat your groceries, don’t fulfill their
agreement to share the chores, are chronically late with their share
of the rent, invite unsavory guests home, or have “excessively LOUD”
sexual encounters...sometimes all of the above! smirk

IMO the "supplier" in Brad Pitts was a jerk, in he had a responsibility
toward that lady who was freaking out...to stay with her at least until
she got her head in a better place. She seemed on the verge of doing
something really dumb, like that police chief with the brownies...liked
the cut-away scene with the chemo-patient scarfing down food was
the only redeeming factor, afaiwc.