NJ Gov Chris Christie is just smart enough to ride
the "Bump" he got for stepping toward the Center
during SuperStorm Sandy.

Trust me, other than that, he's been a miserable
penny-pinching SoB* for the State of New Jersey.
*(GOP) making drastic cuts to teachers, First
Responders, and our infrastructure.

Just as Lea recommended that NO ONE Vote for
Rick Perry since she knew him more intimately
than the rest of us.. and how the people of
Alaska all but begged us NOT to vote for Sarah Palin
...trust me...

I was in the hospital for 30 days during the Clinton
era, during my stay, I reported dizziness, and
was given an MRI and a Q+A Exam by the doctor.

He held up his pen saying, "What is this called?"
"A pen" "Good... and THIS?" pointing to his tie.
"A Tie" "Good... Who is the president of the
United States" "Hilary Clinton! laugh "Good, you're
Brain is intact, and so is your sense of humor." smile