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Well, Adam was given the task of naming all the animals .

Sorry, that holds about as much water to me as,
"Once upon a time..."

Don't get me wrong,
My grandfather on my mom's side was a minister,
and I was a Bible teacher for quite some time,
it took quite a while to wean myself away from the
notion that to fully embrace the logic of science
could be accomplished without Incurring the Wrath of
"The Big Bogey-Man In the Sky" ...seriously,
it's been harder than switching from the ubiquitous
WINDOWS PC to The Mac OS.. ask iMacsoontobe wink

But once I did,
it was like removing a pebble from my shoe.

LOL pretty much like switching to OS "X" once it
all starts falling into place...
Who needs "a watchmaker" (Creator Figure) when
the wonders of a Naturally Occurring Universe
spread out before you like a carpet of stars?

Yes, it means that you no longer have the comfort
of a "Father Figure" in times of travail... nor
do you get to have Someone to Blame, or to use
as an Excuse for Shyte Behavior, you finally take
a degree of responsibility for the mess we're in,
but that's a small price to pay for growing up.

Back to Topic; "Unbelievable" wink jest sayin'...

to paraphrase a popular saying around these parts,
"That's my OPINION, and I'm sticking to it!"