I doubt you were talking to 'Jersey Jac.
...but rather simply replying to thread...

...but just about everyone I've ever known
(north of the Mason/Dixon Line) has ever
admitted to having dinosaur-riding kin in
their family tree, leastwise for the last
several hunnert thousand generations or so.

That article never mentioned denomination,
but I VERY much doubt they were Catholic.

What I take deep umbrage to is the Judeo/
Christian BS concerning "MAN"'s God-Given
dominion over the Earth & it's inhabitants,
...just as I do his domination over women.

While I "get" the BS argument of 'Free Will'
as a convenient right to f-up all you want,
AFAIC allowing mankind to run roughshod all
over the Earth for fun and profit is the best
argument I know against the existence of a
Supreme Being, unless he's so dispassionate
as to view us as some failed science project.