I always have a hard time accepting the equivalence of car deaths and death by guns. Sure, there are more deaths by car accidents than by guns. More cars than guns, for one thing, used for more person-hours by far than are guns, and so the greater number of deaths is not surprising.

But there's another thing that bothers me about the comparison. The purpose of cars is not to kill. And yes, I'm perfectly aware that some nut can use a car deliberately to run someone down, or can put explosives in it and blow up buildings and people. But that's not the purpose of a car. The purpose of a gun is to kill. I know--like cars, guns can be used for purposes that they weren't designed for. Target shooting is fun. I've done it myself and enjoyed it. But that's not the purpose of a gun, no more than blowing up the Murrah Building was the purpose of the vehicle that those freaks used to kill so many people.

The killing of kids by kids is accidental. But the function of the gun in those cases is not accidental. They, the guns, are doing exactly what they are designed to do.

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