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Whatevah! Mom.... Gimme the keys.. I'm going out.

David, please. I was not leading anything into my questions. When I clicked the link , played the first one, which I thought was "high maintenance" . Then I viewed the one that you singled out, "Brad Pitts" .

I don't watch network TV. I didn't recognize either of these as TV shows, if, indeed they were. So I was asking if there were people who acted like this in real life . At least that is what i intended as I have never known anyone who did act like these actors.

This is from my experience but I , indeed, know that I've not had the same relationships that others have had. That is the only reason for my questions as I thought the people shown were interesting.

Also, I take full responsibility for any reactions coming from my questions as I was the one not being clear.

This is still a great community. Lets keep it together. The questions I asked were an attempt to keep the thread going, and learn in the process.

I will continue to respond to your threads, in what I hope to be a positive way.

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