Come on dude.. this is after the fact.


Are there people really like that? Serious question.


Like what? There's 10 episodes with different characters through out.
Essentially, yes... although I don't what you're seeing that's so unusual. Looks like a ton of shows I've seen on tv through out the years.
These are little vignettes...


I watched high maimtence and brad Pitts .

Wondering if there are people like those portrayed. I really wanted to know. I don't know any so am truly interested. Don't take this any way.


Don't take this any way.

This is after other posts where dave has suggested I was getting testy/defensive/whatever.
I'm merely replying to someone question. He asked me a question. I answered it. He responded .. don't take this anyway....

Meh.. whatever.. why do I even bother to post in the mausoleum?